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BD Clean Leather Conditioner

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BD Clean Leather Conditioner has been specially formulated to seal your leather interior, protecting it against stains, spills and harmful UV sunlight.  By regularly using our high quality leather sealant you can revitalise your leather seats, restoring them back to their original state to make them look almost as good as new.  While also benefitting from the added leather protection provided by our leather conditioner.  Our leather sealant is not only quick acting, it is also incredibly simple to use, coming in a ready to use spray bottle, application of our leather protection spray couldn’t be easier.

Though leather does make a beautiful interior for your car, it is also, unfortunately, a naturally porous material.  As a result of this leather absorbs odours, grime and dirt quite quickly and very easily, meaning the leather interior in your car can get very dirty, very quickly.  Another problem with leather seats is how easily it is damaged by sunlight and high temperatures, which can cause it to fray and crack.  To overcome the general day to day wear and tear of your leather interior and keep its original colour and appearance, you should clean your leather seats a minimum of once every three months and condition them with a protective leather sealant such as BD Clean Leather Conditioner.

This product comes in a 250ml bottle.

Application Directions:

  • Before you use a new leather cleaner or leather conditioner you should always conduct a test patch on an area of your leather interior that you cannot see.   Apply the leather sealant to your leather interior, allow it to absorb for a few minutes and then wipe away any excess conditioner with a soft and dry cloth until the surface is completely dry. Check after 24 hours for any discolouring of the fabric or damage to the leather.
  • If there is no effect from using the leather conditioner, you can now proceed to condition the rest of your leather interior.  First you need to properly clean the leather seats with BD Clean Leather Cleaner, to remove all dirt and odours.
  • Once your leather seats have been properly cleaned and have been pat dried, you can begin to spray on the leather sealant, leaving it to absorb into the fabric for a few minutes.  With a soft, dry cloth, wipe away the excess leather conditioner so that your leather seats are dry.
  • After your leather interior has been conditioned take a separate, soft and dry cloth, preferably a micro fibre cloth, and buff the surfaces of your seats and all of your leather to make them shine.

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