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Hoogwaardige Spray Sealant welke uw auto beschermt tot wel 6 maanden. Daarnaast zorgt het voor een mooie diepe glans.

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BD Clean Spray Sealant is the ultimate in paint protection, it has been specially formulated so that it can be used on all types of colours and a range of different paint. Our high quality synthetic liquid sealant gives your vehicle a high gloss in-depth finish whilst also offering you a strong paint protection, shielding against UV damage, acid rain, other harshness of the elements and daily road dirt and grime, including insects and grit.

Our BD Clean Spray sealant is made to the highest quality and using the best ingredients, making it a strong and powerful, and also quick acting, formula that provides a high level of protection.  It is very easy to apply and once you have used this paint sealant to add a layer of paint protection to your vehicle.  This layer of protection helps your car to defend itself against external elements that might ruin the paint work and your cleaning job, by helping to make the surface so smooth that things like rain and dirt find it difficult to cling to the surface and instead roll off.  Our high quality paint sealant works by filling in all of the pores and imperfections on the surface of the body of the car, to create a smooth finish, which is why dirt finds it particularly difficult to cling to surfaces treated with our paint sealant.  Because of the way in which ur paint sealant works, it is not a suitable product to use on matte wrapped or vinyl wrapped cars.

Our high quality Spray sealant can provide your car with up to six months of paint protection, while also enhancing the look of your car, giving your paint sharper reflections and adding more depth and gloss to your overall paintwork finish.

Application Directions:

  • Was en droog uw auto met BD Clean Shampoo
  • Spray the Spray Sealant op een applicator en breng deze overlappend aan op uw lak.
  • Direct uitpoetsen met een zachte Microfibre.
  • Ook toepasbaar op velgen.

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