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Black Ultra Fine W-Aps Refined Foam Applicator

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€ 3,95

BLACK ultra fine W-APS refined foam applicators - Wax, Sealant and Coating Applicator.

Our new Refined Black Foam Finishing Applicator Pads are ideal for that final touch of perfection on very fine paints and designed for blacks and dark color finishes. We took our Red Foam W-APS Wax Pads, and maxed them out. The new Black W-APS are 30% more dense and 20% softer to deliver the most effective finishing coating. These Laser-Cut dura-foam applicator pads are ideal for many uses, from your favorite cream or paste wax to leather conditioners and dressings. Since the initial launch of these premium pads back in January 2008 with our E-zyme Paste Wax, customers have asked us to offer them separately; So we did!

Laser-Cute edges form the W-APS in a unique UFO like shape making them extremely easy to fit into tight areas with great ease.

Product application & interior/exterior application has never been so easy. The unique dura-foam composite of the pad assures that just the right amount of product is absorbed to reduce waste while the micro-fine pores work perfectly with the soft and dense pad construction to deliver superior surface application.

We just wanted to let everyone know how thankful we are to have such an amazing group of clients, customer and friends worldwide.  You are what make Chemical Guys Great!  Thank you for the many years to wonderful feedback, and for sharing your experiences with us. We look forward to many more great years!  Thank you

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